Sunday, November 25, 2012

The average day of a not so average girl

Welcome back folks,

I decided to try and give this thing another try. Why? It was kind of fun in a weird way. It shows that I have a total of zero followers, but hey, this is more for me anyway. My therapist tells me its good to journal, but, I never really thought I'd like writing. My thoughts tend to get messy, and I just feel weird writing about myself. I guess no one would really care about my life, my day, my rants. But, I am going to give this blog my 100%.

Now, tomorrow is my doctor appointment. For those of you who wonder what for, it is where I go for my weigh in. They have me get on a scale backwards so I can't see the numbers, and either applaud me for being a good girl and gaining weight, or they talk to my mom about my eating. Yes, I still live with my mother. I am currently in college though. But being on my own is just out of the question. I need someone to monitor me.

My mother is my best friend. I talk to her about everything. I recently just got over a break up. He was a great guy, and things ended on good terms. We just were going in different paths in life. He wanted to follow his career in law, I wanted to follow mine in medicine. I plan on becoming an oncologist. Yes, a cancer doctor.

I watched my grandfather die of cancer. It was the worst thing in the world to see. He was the strongest man I knew. Anyway. My father is also my best friend. He works hard to provide for my mother and I. He is a pediatrician. A very good one. My mom stays at home. She does a few things on the side. She is great at sewing cloths. Most of my clothes are originals.

Where do I see my self in five years? Hopefully out of med school, and starting my career. I would like to have children. But, the doctor thinks I May have messed up my body to where I might not be able to. There is always fertility drugs and adoption though. I hope to some day have a baby.

Today I was absolutely lazy. I should have been working on a paper, but procrastinated. I will get to it eventually. I have been mainly wasting my time today on facebook, twitter, google, yahoo headlines, and netflix. I mean, who isn't addicted to Netflix?

My friend, Jake stopped by for a little bit. We listened to some music, planned on going to a concert, and went to get dinner. Italian food. I had the mushroom ravioli. It is ravioli's filled with chopped up mushroom covered in a creamy alfredo sauce. Yum. I guess that is really all I did today. I will try this blogging thing again. Who knows. I might have a follower or two.


  1. I'm your first follower!

    It sounds like everything is going well right now. And it seems like things are only going to continue to get better since you're obviously trying. If you're ever in my area, I will totally hook you up with any Italian food you want. (I work in an Italian restaurant so I can make that happen.)

  2. I will take your word for that. Where are you from? Waco?

    1. haha No. I used to live in Texas but now I'm in a different state. I'm not comfortable posting my state out on here where everyone can see it, but you can ask Ashley or email me or whatever. (=

  3. Hey. You've got another reader here. I havnt figured out how to follow anyone yet but if I do, I will follow you. being an oncologist is a great goal. I am a childhood cancer survivor myself. My nan sadly died of cancer :( I hope to go into health care or phychology xx